Excel for Administration

Excel is an extremely powerful tool for the teacher in their administrative duties. Its power lies within its flexibility and the range of functions it can perform based upon the use of formulae and tabs. In this section of the website a video, accompanying notes with screenshots, and an excel file that can be downloaded are included to assist with explaining my use of advanced excel features in organising and analysing student results. This can be found in the ‘Year 10 results’ sub section of ‘Excel for administration’ OR by clicking the button below.


Relevance & use to administration.

This website by no means outlines everything I have learned about excel but focuses upon the features of excel that I have actually used and will continue to use as part of my teaching role. In the context of administration of student results the ‘Year 10 Results’ excel spreadsheet shows my knowledge and skill in the use of this ICT in the analysis of student results. It shows how relevant MS Excel is in analysing and categorising complex information over the course of a year for a large number of students. This is the type of spreadsheet I will use in the future and find very useful as I aspire to move into a leadership position. The spreadsheet allows students to be ranked to see what classes they would be suitable for in the following year and allows grades and marks to be determined in order to help teachers write reports efficiently and accurately. It allows for this by selecting mark boundaries to determine grades so all teachers are consistent in their reporting.