Below is an introductory video to the ‘Tech in Ed’ section of this website summarising some of the things I have learned in the use of excel and outlook.

Included are instuctions on how to use excel and outlook as a teacher. ‘Year 10 Results’ in ‘Excel for Administration’, which can be found in the drop down menu, is where the largest and most complex excel spreadsheet is. The use of excel for graphing can be found on other pages.

The most sophisticated and powerful example of graphing with excel can be found in ‘using graphs’ which is a subtopic of ‘excel in action research’.

Also included are pages about screencasting, video conferencing, and using and evaluating web 2.0 tools.

My use of Outlook using the calendar feature can be seen in the ‘Outlook for organisation ‘ section of this website. For a look at mail merging click on the ‘mail merge’ subsection of ‘Outlook with students’

More sections and subsections will be added to this website further down the track.