About the Project

Students involved in the ‘Solar Siblings’ project learn about and conduct authentic Astronomy which include learning about:

– How to locate objects in the sky using ‘Right Ascension’ (RA) and ‘Declination’ (Dec) which is similar to longitude and latitude on topographical maps.

– How to process the 3 images requested to make it a full colour image (as shown in the image below)

Once students learn how to do this they will then be given star clusters, some never before analysed, to determine their distances and contribute to real scientific knowledge. To do this students need to learn how to request an image from the LCOGT telescopes located around the world in locations that include: Hawaii and Texas, USA; Coonabarabran, Australia; Cerro Tololo, Chile.

Below is a feed from the ‘Our Solar Siblings’ facebook page which will be updated each time they add to the page. This is to give up to date information related to the project from the leading Scientists themselves.

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