Iwas part of a pedagogy committee at my previous school. As part of that I was also part of a sub-committee that looked at ‘Growth Mindset’

Below is a brief outline of Growth vs Fixed mindsets then a presentation I did as part of this committee on growth mindset.

Growth Mindset

A growth mindset is one where you do not limit yourself to being only good at certain things and never being able to be good at others. It is where you have the tenacity and fortitude to stick at things until you learn new concepts and skills. Instead of avoiding failure or giving up in its midst you embrace it and learn from it in order to grow and exercise your brain and its connections. Effort and learning are more important than results.

Fixed Mindset

A fixed mindset is one where you limit yourself to only being good at certain things while never being good at others due to lack of natural ability. It is where you lack the tenacity and fortitude to stick at things you are not naturally good at. You avoid situations of failure and take the easier option which might make you look better but learn less. Results are more important to you than effort and learning.

It must be remembered that although some people may be predominantly fixed or growth mindset no one is every full one or the other. Many growth mindset oriented people will be fixed mindset in certain things and need to work at developing a growth mindset in that area.

Academic Tenacity

Below is an excellent article with research and evidence upon the effectiveness of ‘Growth Mindset’.