“Spread the Word. Stop the War”

As I enter a new year I am about to begin teaching at a new school after being at my previous school for 6 years. It is amazing to think that the year 12 students I saw leave started year 7 when I started at the school. It is amazing how the years go by very fast. As I reflected upon my time at my previous school and shared with the staff on my last day I wore a shirt with the slogan “Spread the Word. Stop the War”. This shirt related to the visit of Bishop Ise-Somo from the Democratic Republic of the Congo in 2013

Bishop Ise-Somo spoke to the whole school at assembly however I also got him to visit my year 8 class as we were doing a unit on food and health. I got him to share about food in the Congo and how often they eat. He shared that often they eat once every second day or only once a day if they are lucky. The civil war has caused the country to be very poor and when he shared this with the year 8 students many were significantly affected realising how very rich and fortunate they really are.

As I enter the new year I expect I will have equally inspirational moments at my new school which I will share as part of the blogs on this website.

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